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By Duane Coombs
Monday April 25, 2022
A toast to head coach, Kirkland Bailey and his able assistant, Clifton Bailey (no relation), on leading another Excelsior cricket team on an epic journey,
ending with them copping the Grace Shield U19 Cricket title.

In doing so, Excelsior High School was winning its third senior U19 Grace Shield Cricket title in five years.The Eagles went wire to wire, without dropping a single point and winning all their games, in successfully defending their crown.

All told, the pair has been at the helm while Excelsior has won 15 championships since 2012- at a range of age- group levels – including three All-Island senior and junior titles, and five at the Under-14 level.

For years, the pair of Excelsior High School alumni have quietly led a thriving cricket programme at their alma mater, yet they remain virtually anonymous. They oversee one of the most successful sporting disciplines at the school.

Under their tutelage Excelsior has emerged as an incubator of youth cricket talent in Jamaica, sending a number of players to various Jamaica national age-group teams over the years.
One year, two of their players -Raewin Senior and Kymani Wilson – were captain and vice captain, respectively, of Jamaica’s national U19 team.

That leadership pair was succeeded the following year by yet another Excelsior-connected player, Kirk McKenzie,Jr, as captain of the Jamaican U19 cricket team
The brilliant McKenzie later went on to make the West Indies U19 team, and has subsequently matriculated to Jamaica’s senior cricket team.

We salute the Baileys because of the cricket teams’ overwhelming success over the years.Their record of accomplishment is undeniable.
So take a bow Coach Kirkland Bailey, Assistant Coach Clifton Bailey – cricket coaches par excellence.

We also salute the rest of the coaching staff, comprising alumni volunteers, including Owen Pearson and Rae Senior, who have returned to offer unstintiing service to the cricket programme by giving generously of their time, resources and expertise.
Excelsior Eagles – Soaring Yet Higher

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