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By Duane Coombs
Thursday, November 17, 2022

A campus dappled with bright November sunshine was the perfect backdrop as the Class of 1980 again brought a ray of hope to students of Excelsior High School with the formal handing over of 30 desktop computers and a projector to the school on Monday November 7, 2022.
It was the culmination of the group’s commemoration of its 40th anniversary since graduating from Excelsior High School, as almost two dozen members converged on the Excelsior campus from various points in North America and Jamaica to mark the occasion.

Preceding the official ribbon-cutting ceremony, members of the Class of 1980 conducted Morning Devotion, complete with prayer, songs, scriptures, a special musical selection by a trio-Marcia Livingston, Novlette Fellows and Evan Thompson – and a special word of exhortation by class member, Rev. Claudette Williams-Brown. From there, it was a full slate of all-day activities on campus, which was spent interacting with students and staff.

Led by classmate Jasmine Gray-Young, the formalities included prayer, heartfelt encouragements, and the cutting of the ribbon with Principal Deanroy Bromfield assisted by Pauline Kelly and select students, at the entrance of the room before filing into the newly unveiled Lab. The principal again lauded the class for its generosity and expressed the school’s appreciation for its continued support and engagement with of the alma mater. Sixth Former Amanda Ford, gave the Vote of Thanks on behalf of the students.

Being mindful of the aesthetics of the lab, the room has been repainted, furniture cleaned,resurfaced, varnished, and some decorative touches added, including dotting the walls with myriad inspirational messages.

During an impromptu address to the students present, former Head Girl, Dr. Marcia Livingston- Galloway, urged them to spend their time wisely and productively, and to find a cause beyond just academics through which to commit themselves, and to give back. It was a familiar theme which snaked its way through comments by various members of the class.

Explaining the inspiration behind the Class of 1980’s legacy project Dr. Livingston-Galloway said, “It Is the hope of the Class of 1980 that our computer donation will let the students know they matter.”
“It is also intended to be a means through which they can gain additional access to relevant academically related content, help develop their technological competencies, and provide opportunities for rich learning through meaningful academic interactions and exchanges within the global educational communities,” she continued.

The Class of 1980’s donation is part of its ongoing commitment to help expand online learning at Excelsior by providing digital resources the students need to succeed. It also highlights the school’s information technology initiative.

Following the ribbon cutting ceremony, the class headed to the auditorium where an array of stations manned by professionals from a range of fields, including the JDF, Business, Academia, Health and Meterology were set up to guide students on diverse career pathways.

The formalities completed, members of the class, led by Rose Davis, distributed gift bags full of treats and personal items to the students to cap a day of activities on campus. Nothing less was expected of the Class of 1980 which has set high standards for benevolence.

Since graduating from Excelsior High School more than four decades ago, the Class of 1980 has been one of the most consistent and devoted in its support of the school in countless ways. Members of the Class of 1980, individually and as a group, donate assorted items to the school each year and have supported an array of initiatives aimed at enhancing the educational opportunities for students at Excelsior High School.

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