XLCR Alumni Association of Florida - logo
XLCR Alumni Association of Florida - logo

Contact Information

Address: 8403 Pines Boulevard, Suite 1395 Pembroke Pines, FL 33024

Phone: 954-353-5584

Email: xlcrflorida@aol.com


Current Project

For 2016, the Florida chapter has committed US$2000.00 to the XLCR community.  Our board has decided to give this donation to 2 programs as follows:

  1. Student Lunch Initiative Program (SLIP) – The consensus from our board is that children need good nutrition in order to learn effectively.  As such we are continuing the Student Lunch Initiative Program (SLIP) that will be available to students that are economically challenged and cannot afford lunch.  We will ask that the students selected be made by the Guidance Office as they are usually privy to special needs students.  We will fund SLIP annually and this year we will place US$1000.00 in the program.  We ask that the funds be carefully monitored, and we get an annual account of the funds and the number of recipients.
  2. DASH – The Track and Field program has shown great improvement, and we will donate US$1000.00 to the program.