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Equipment for Hockey Teams

October 9, 2015

Provided much-needed playing equipment for the squad which did very well in season. Was lacking vital gears, had to be borrowing sometimes when they played away matches .

Florida, DASH to Collaborate on Track & Field

August 24, 2014

More help is on the way for Excelsior’s flagging Track & Field program after the Excelsior Alumni Association of Florida entered into a cooperation agreement with DASH Athletics to help the group in its effort to revitalize the athletics program at the high school.

Starting in 2012, and worth at least $US2,500 annually, the three-year covenant calls for the Alumni Association to make a yearly monetary grant to DASH and also help in the drive to secure other support, including equipment and technical assistance, for the program in the South Florida area and beyond.

“The DASH leadership has artfully interwoven sports and academics into the track and field program which benefits students” Althea Brown Robinson, the Alumni President said in explaining her organization’s motivation in partnering with DASH.

While the fine points of the pact are still being worked out, the commitment comes in the wake of a recent meeting in Jamaica attended by president Brown and Judith Phillips-Pitter, secretary of the Excelsior Alumni Association of Florida, with Desmond ‘Shaks” Shakespeare, one of the principals of DASH Athletics.

Shaks expressed his gratitude to the Florida Alumni on behalf of DASH and hailed the group for its commitment and generosity to the alma mater.

“This cooperation with the Excelsior Alumni Association of Florida will not only provide a significant boost to the DASH Athletics program at Excelsior High School” he said, “but it will also allow us to plan with more certainty, while providing a model for cooperation with other such organizations” he continued, in citing the promised infusion of cash as a welcome and timely fillip to its two year old quest to help restore Excelsior’s track teams to a position of prominence in Jamaica high school athletics.

Renovation of the Dance Studio

August 24, 2014

Replaced flooring ,repaired leaking roof. Secured this area before having a reliable Public address system put in .
Dance is being proposed as a main class on the school’s timetable .

Music room – Renovation and Equipment

August 24, 2014

Repaired flooring and paint job done . Secured the windows and doors so as not to have easy access to this area .

Track team – Vitamins and meals for athletes

August 24, 2014

Committed to the provision of vitamins and support the feeding of the athletes preparing for Champs .