XLCR Alumni Association of Florida - logo
XLCR Alumni Association of Florida - logo

Contact Information

Address: 8403 Pines Boulevard, Suite 1395 Pembroke Pines, FL 33024

Phone: 954-353-5584

Email: xlcrflorida@aol.com


Our History

The Excelsior Alumni Association of Florida was officially established on October 21, 1996. The foundational members gave the South Florida area an introduction to the Excelsorians residing there and started the positive push to give back to our alma mater.

Over the years, the Florida chapter has had its challenges and lay dormant for a while. The revival of the chapter in the late 2003 was triggered by a serious incident at the school. Excelsior was the victim of a series of fires, the work of the suspected arsonists, which razed the Staff Room and seriously damaged other parts of the physical plant. We all understood the concerted effort that would be required to re-build the school and so assembled a small team and embarked on a Fund Raising Drive.

The Appeals across the world for contributions spurred this small group into action and resulted in the re-birth of the Association.