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D.A.S.H Champs Updates !!!

Alumni & Friends,

The ISSA Boys & Girls Championships commences on Tuesday March 2016. Excelsior will have 33 boys and 42 Girls (75 student-athletes) representing the school at this event. The athletes will move into our Champs Village this Friday at 4:00pm and will be encamped until the day following Champs. They will have a support staff of approximately 20 persons including coaches, cooks, chaperones, physiotherapist and a driver along with a few volunteer past students. We will also a couple of doctors on call.

XLCR is fortunate to be located within 2 minutes drive of the stadium and to have the physical facilities that can be transformed into a mini-games village whereby we can accommodate approximately nearly 100 persons. Unlike some other schools that are encamped at hotels. The challenge however is to galvanize the resources to take care of these student-athletes and support staff for 9 days. As agreed with the school, DASH Athletics has the responsibility to secure resources for the athletic programme at Excelsior, including Champs.

DASH would like to take this opportunity to thank those few persons who have responded to our past requests and contributed materials & funding for Champs. As you can see from the performances of the teams throughout the season they have made a significant mark on the local athletic landscape and is primed to do well at Champs. The investment made in this programme over the past few years is now paying dividends. However, we do need significantly more resources to give the athletes the best opportunity at representing us adequately.

Contributions can be made in kind or cash. The Material/Foodstuff list is attached. These can be delivered to the school by the basketball gym where the camp is located. Please ask for Ms Tanya – Chief Cook. She can be contacted at: 447-3613.

If you intend to donate funds check out the following alternatives and choose the one that best suits you:

In North America, Hewitt DePass is the contact,

For Tax Exempt purposes; Please make the donation to the Alumni Association as follows:

DASH Athletics Group Inc.