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Township Scholarship graduates


Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Excelsiorians Titania Smythe, Mickel Guthrie, and Sashana McKenzie make up three of the five Township Scholarship graduates who were recently recognized by the University of the West Indies.

The township scholarship is granted to any resident of Greater August Town who has been accepted to read for a Bachelor’s degree at the neighboring Mona campus. It is one of the initiatives of the University Township Project, which seeks to develop the community by increasing its social and intellectual capital.

The scholarship, tenable at the Mona Campus, has been a breath of fresh air to residents of the Greater August Town community. They have been reaping the benefits of the initiative since it was launched by UWI in September 2009.

Below, the three enterprising Excelsiorians share their philosophy of life as well as their dreams, aspirations, and advice to prospective students.

For Titania Smythe, who holds an Upper Second Class Honours degree in Philosophy and Marketing, the award of a University Township Scholarship was like a dream come true. Always an ambitious and hard-working individual, she was never satisfied with mediocrity. Being allergic to anything average, Smythe never gave up. She endured difficulties in order to succeed in her goal of attaining a university education.

She was the top performer in Sociology while in sixth form at her alma mater, Excelsior High School. She was then accepted to pursue a Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property Law in the near future. Her career goal is to become a Marketing Manager at Lasco Distributors.

She encourages young people who are planning to pursue a bachelor’s degree at UWI to choose a field of study that they really love, as it will become fun and exciting to learn.

It was a coincidence that Mickel Guthrie heard about the University Township scholarship from a friend. He was looking for a way to pay for his tuition, so he decided to apply. The scholarship allowed him to complete his degree and graduate with a BSc (Second Class Honours) Degree in Mathematics and Modelling Processes. He achieved it without having to wonder where the funds would come from.

“I’ve always been mathematically inclined and intrigued by not just knowing how things work, but also why they work the way they do. This degree has developed me into a critical thinker and posed challenges that I have enjoyed solving,” he said. He plans to further his studies by doing a Master’s degree in Economics or Mechanical Engineering, or by taking the Actuarial Sciences exams.

Guthrie’s philosophy of life is that nothing is ever too hard or complicated for one to get through. If he is stuck and frustrated with something, he believes that he has just not found the solution yet. “At times, you will find that it is the passion that continues to push you when things start to get a little tedious and overbearing,” Guthrie…