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By Duane Coombs
Monday September 17, 2018

In days gone, by Excelsior High School was a high school basketball powerhouse, emerging champions in in 1965, 1973, 1977, 1978, 1979, and adding another in 1988.
Those exhilarating days when the school ruled the roost in high basketball, and would routinely cop titles, are largely now but a distant memory as the fortunes of the team have ebbed in recent years.

But help is on the way as the school’s once- imposing basketball team is set for a return to prominence after being given a shot in the arm courtesy of a cadre of former basketball aficionados.
Calling itself the Excelsior Basketball Group and comprising some notable former players like Andrew “Gi-Gi” Girod, the project coordinator, Carl Baxter, The Mundy brothers, Bancroft Gordon, among others, the group is on a mission to revive XLCR’s flagging basketball program.

The project was inspired by the former players’ desire to give back to their alma mater and the community. The group has already kicked its initiative into gear by donating some almost 2 dozen pairs of basketball sneakers to team and basketball; and hosting a well- received basketball camp at the school this past summer which attended by almost 2 dozen players and their coaches.
According to spokesman Carl Baxter who was among the principal coaches at the camp, the group anticipates the summer camp to be an annual undertaking where the players and coaches will be introduced to the latest tactical ideas.

Principal Deanroy Bromfield has reportedly met with the group of alumni and given his blessing to its initiative. While the group will remain largely autonomous, it will operate under the aegis of the Excelsior Alumni Association of look.
Look out world, Excelsior is back to reclaim its basketball legacy.

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