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By Duane Coombs
Thursday December 7, 2017

These are among the best of times for Excelsior High School – this new era of renewal and overall excellence again taking shape at the school.

The evident revitalization continues apace with significant improvement being recorded across a range of disciplines – from sports to academics.

In the sporting arena, the Eagles are recently crowned back –to -back all Island champions in senior girls’ netball and emerged champions in girls’ football and boys U16 cricket. Added to this, Excelsior also made a commendable showing in track and field where the school realised its goal of topping 100 points this year in the annual Boys and Girls Championship, finishing sixth overall on the girls’ side. The school emerged the top Corporate Area Girls’ school at Champs.

Sportsmax cable TV station was on hand to present the school with a prize of $100,000.00 as its reward for being designated the number one high school in girls’ sports, according to a survey. The school has also been prominent in table tennis, Tai Kwon Do, cookery and other less high profile fields.

Success in sports has undoubtedly galvanized the school fraternity. It is a source of pride; everyone seems elated. It is part of the upward trajectory of the school as it embarks on an era of renewal, after years of seemingly being in the doldrums.

Yet the well ventilated resurgence in sports – most notably in cricket, track and field, netball, hockey and football- has tended to overshadow successes in other spheres of school life.

One of these areas of excellence is in the field of mathematics where the Grade 10 students recently recorded outstanding results in the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams.

According to reports, of the 242 Grade 10 students who sat the exam over the last two years, 234, , or some 96%, received passing grades. Equally impressive was the fact that in 2015, 138 of the 150 Grade 10 students were successful.

One student, second former Danielle Downer, reportedly earned a grade 2 in Add Maths and was a finalist in the Maths Olympiad where she finished in the top 10 of all students across the Caribbean. Another student, Davika Chambers represented Jamaica in the Carifta Chess competition in Panama.

There are two male Six Formers – Head Boy Raheim Bowes and Domilola Dada from Nigeria – who have 7 CAPE subjects each – 6 at one sitting all Grades Ones & Two’s in Maths, Physics, Chemistry etc.

Excelsior is reportedly tops in Jamaica in the Cape exams, with the school placing in first in Math, Add Math, Chemistry & Biology.

In English Language, the school also reportedly recorded close to an 80 % pass rate, for the first time, in the recent CSEC exams.

Further afield, Excelsior earned a $500,000.00 prize for topping the junior achievement competition after a student-created company, Kreole Harvest, won the 2016 award…

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