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By RadioJamaica News
Saturday May 14, 2022

Excelsior High School extended their dominance in girls football with a sixth straight title following a 3-0 victory over first time finalist Garvey Maceo in the ISSA TIP Friendly Society final at Jamaica College on Friday.

National youth player Davia Richards, an own goal and a late strike from Shauntai Pryce carried the Xavier Gilbert- coached team to victory.
Garvey Maceo’s goalkeeper Sanjane Anderson picked up the Most Promising Player award, while Brihana Staple of Holmwood was adjudged the competition’s best goalkeeper.

Excelsior won three individual awards with Janiel Mignott named best defender, while Richards won the Golden Boot and Shaneil Buckley on her birthday was named MVP.

READ MORE:https://www.iriefm.net/176096-2/

Photos (c) Athelstan Gilbert Bellamy

By Duane Coombs
Monday April 25, 2022
A toast to head coach, Kirkland Bailey and his able assistant, Clifton Bailey (no relation), on leading another Excelsior cricket team on an epic journey,
ending with them copping the Grace Shield U19 Cricket title.

In doing so, Excelsior High School was winning its third senior U19 Grace Shield Cricket title in five years.The Eagles went wire to wire, without dropping a single point and winning all their games, in successfully defending their crown.

All told, the pair has been at the helm while Excelsior has won 15 championships since 2012- at a range of age- group levels – including three All-Island senior and junior titles, and five at the Under-14 level.

For years, the pair of Excelsior High School alumni have quietly led a thriving cricket programme at their alma mater, yet they remain virtually anonymous. They oversee one of the most successful sporting disciplines at the school.

Under their tutelage Excelsior has emerged as an incubator of youth cricket talent in Jamaica, sending a number of players to various Jamaica national age-group teams over the years.
One year, two of their players -Raewin Senior and Kymani Wilson – were captain and vice captain, respectively, of Jamaica’s national U19 team.

That leadership pair was succeeded the following year by yet another Excelsior-connected player, Kirk McKenzie,Jr, as captain of the Jamaican U19 cricket team
The brilliant McKenzie later went on to make the West Indies U19 team, and has subsequently matriculated to Jamaica’s senior cricket team.

We salute the Baileys because of the cricket teams’ overwhelming success over the years.Their record of accomplishment is undeniable.
So take a bow Coach Kirkland Bailey, Assistant Coach Clifton Bailey – cricket coaches par excellence.

We also salute the rest of the coaching staff, comprising alumni volunteers, including Owen Pearson and Rae Senior, who have returned to offer unstintiing service to the cricket programme by giving generously of their time, resources and expertise.
Excelsior Eagles – Soaring Yet Higher

Joan Thomas Edwards

Joan Thomas Edwards – Excelsiorian Soaring To Excellence In Diplomacy
By Duane Coombs
Friday, September 24, 2021

Career diplomat, Joan Thomas Edwards, is the quintessential public servant: as invaluable as she is invisible; and whose unseen hand, nonetheless, makes things happen.

The 1983 Excelsior graduate and class valedictorian has risen to dizzying heights in Jamaica’s diplomatic corps. However, her alma mater and the lessons gleaned there are never far from her mind. Each accomplishment is regarded as another capsule in Excelsior’s enduring legacy of excellence from which she has benefitted.

Joan Thomas Edwards, a pillar of the Jamaican diplomatic corps, has worked tirelessly throughout her career to promote Brand Jamaica and has helped to shape the image of her country. She is an Excelsior gem and the embodiment of selfless public service, both as an accomplished diplomat and through her relentless community engagement.

And it all started at Excelsior High School, where the genesis of a distinguished career in public service first took root— fostered, she says, by a bevy of highly qualified and dedicated teachers who inspired her to pursue excellence.

At school, Joan was engaged in an array of activities that forged a delicate balance between academics and extra-curricular activities. Apart from being the captain of Excelsior’s 1983 Schools Challenge Quiz team, Joan was also a member of the Chess Club and the International Student Christian Fellowship (ISCF) in deference to her deeply held Christian faith.

“I was involved in student leadership through the student council,” Joan reminisces. “I learned to lead by example. Mr. Mark Loague, our Vice Principal, instilled this. Mr. Lindo Wong, our Principal, taught me the importance of discipline. Late coming was not tolerated, neither was unruly behavior.”

Joan is effusive in praise for all her teachers, most of whom, she says, ended up being her mentors; and who encouraged her to aim high in academic excellence. She has a particular appreciation for Ms. Maudlyn Mason, her Spanish teacher for five years, and Ms. Pearl Morgan, her history teacher, who awakened her thirst for knowledge and pursuit of excellence.

During her time at Excelsior, she says she was blessed to have been prepared for life by her teachers and fellow students who always encouraged her. She lists Science, the Arts, Technology, and Mathematics among her strong subjects. A strong appreciation for all these areas was inculcated during her years at Excelsior.

“I felt that I was prepared for life. Kudos to Lois Cooper, my English teacher, and Clive Brown for helping me to excel in those subjects,” She says. “Thanks to Mrs. Cynthia Powell and Cliff Hughes for being the driving force behind the school challenge quiz team and for the months of training and discipline. It has paid off.”

Following graduation from the Excelsior Community College— in which she had enrolled after high school, she matriculated at the University of the West Indies (UWI), from which she graduated with a BA in Social Science and Spanish. She entered the Foreign…

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